April Fools Pranks Fashion Edition

April Fools Pranks Fashion Edition, you guys.  Literally.  Did you know there’s a Kids Vogue? Did you see the kitty cover in the April issue of Lucky Magazine.


April_Fools_Prank_Fashion Edition




April Fools Pranks Fashion Edition


I saw Eva Chen’s Instagram with the kitty cover and I thought to myself, “oh,  wow.  She surely thinks outside the box! <3”

Not until today did I realize that it was just all pranks for April Fools.  The kids Vogue covered was a light-hearted joke by www.fashionista.com



Good Game guys.




Extra Info:


Eva Chen is very digital savvy.  She has done two sessions of Reddit’s AMA (Ask me Anything).  Check out the first AMA and the second AMA.


Very cool!


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