Chad White Gap Ad.  What?  The GAP? Who would have thought?  Well, our loyal love for Chad White is just unexplainable.  Never forget what he did last year for Interview magazine.  This was shot by the hottest photographer duos: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott who often flaunt their selflies with Kate Moss or Madonna.



Very sexy right?  Really don’t mean to objectify him but this man just oozes some mega voltage of sex appeal.  We have this affinity with Chad White since his breakout with Dolce & Gabanna and DSquared2 back in 2000s.


Chad White Gap Ad


Just like fine wine, Chad White is now more mature and exuberant a different kind of manliness as can be seen from the POLO Ralph Lauren ad.




You just have to be mighty handsome to be the face of the house of Ralph Lauren whose target audiences are wealthy upper class folks that spend summers in the Hamptons.


To our biggest surprise, upon reading news about the Gap Inc., we discover today that Chad White is modeling for the Gap.


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Using our painter’s eyes, we are able to identify that he’s the model behind these cropped photos.  Sidenote – how DARE they crop his face out?


pPOLO2-19986138_lifestyle_t240 pPOLO2-20201127_lifestyle_t240 pPOLO2-19986146_lifestyle_t240 pPOLO2-19390390_lifestyle_t240 pPOLO2-19390370_lifestyle_t240 pPOLO2-19390370_lifestyle_t240


Ask us to marry you please.

Chad White Gap Ad, thank you!





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