Chad White x Tarrice Love

I haven’t blogged about Chad White for awhile.  To my big surprise, I found news about Chad White from a French blogger.  And he’s photographed by a Brooklyn New York based photographer Tarrice Love who talked about his shoot with this hot stud.  He talks about customizing a shoot to make it unique for Chad.  I love it. More deets on

Oh oh oh, he talks about the universe bringing him Chad White too.  He said “One day I was chatting with my best friend on the phone and she was going on and on about  the universe and if I want something I should put it out into the universe and I will get it. so I decided to compile a list of people i want to work with one day and i did so on facebook (see dream list). I also tagged the people and their agents to the list. After that Jason Kanner from Soul Artist management saw the list and offered to send as many of their models on the list. The first person he sent was supermodel Chad White.”

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