France Bans Thin Models

France Bans Thin Models


Yup, you heard that right.  Well, they mean SUPER thin models.  They’ve also regulated the prints as well.  From WWD Laure Guilbault “Another amendment adopted by parliamentarians Friday says that commercial photographs of models whose physical appearance has been modified to look thinner must be accompanied by the mention “Retouched photograph.” Failure to comply warrants a fine of 37,500 euros, or $40,930 at current exchange, and the amount could represent up to 30 percent of the advertising spending.”


What is too thin you might ask?  Their definition is that, “The activity of model is banned for any person whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is lower than levels proposed by health authorities and decreed by the ministers of health and labour,” the legislation said.


I think it’s about time though?  The industry should promote healthy lifestyle.  Have they not heard of Athleisure?




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  1. We think that it’s a good thing for the industry. But then this law could challenge the aesthetics or concepts from the designers.

    – @OfficialHokWai (Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat)

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