hot math teacher Pietro Boselli

Hot math teacher Pietro Boselli.  Come again?  Are we calling a teacher hot so publicly?  What is so special about a math teacher? Who is Pietro Bosellie?  If he’s so hot, in which school does he teach?  Why has this guy’s name popped up everywhere?  From Daily Mail, to TIME, to Buzzfeed.


Look no further!  This is the hot math teacher Pietro Boselli.



Okay, so he’s muscular and good looking.  I mean, you can see the outline of his chiseled chest and biceps.  That’s kinda standard around any college in America, right?  Why is everyone calling him the hot math teacher?


hot math teacher Pietro Boselli and his mighty hotness


Truth be told, here is a screen grab from an Equinox ad.




And an animated gif.




AND i’m DONE!  I am pretty sure he has calculated the golden ratio between his arms bulkiness and his chest thickness.  Or perhaps some Fibonacci sequence of his muscles.  I mean, come on!


He truly deserves the hot math teacher title! Hot Damn hot math teacher Pietro Boselli!


Where else do we know about him? Here is his Instagram link: with 124k followers. In my opinion, he’s hotter than the IG sensation of Nick Bateman. This is public contact information: which must have been flooded with emails from fangirls fanboys by now. What would you do if your teacher was this hot? You would email him everyday with MATH questions of course!!


TIME says “According to his LinkedIn account, Boselli worked as a teaching assistant and then lecturer at UCL until June 2014. As for his modeling work, he’s represented by Models1….His Instagram says he has a PhD in engineering and is ‘addicted to training.'”


How do you get a glorious body like that?



He strikes me as one of those athletes who train in Crossfit for strength and Yoga for flexibility and mind.  I don’t know man, this just kinda blows me mind.  But his body shape definitely looks like he spends a decent amount of Cardio exercise to burn out most body fat.  You can clearly tell that those are pure muscles.



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