Nicolas Ghesquiére Louis Vuitton is a win

From Bob and Dolores Hope Estate in Palm Springs, Nicholas Ghesquiére wins at the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 show on this past Wednesday May 6th.


The mix of softness and toughness is clearly a theme in this collection.  Lots of bikers toughness and play on the sleeves are shown in his collection for Louis Vuitton.  Have not seen something so refreshing in a long time, especially since his departure from Balenciaga that is now under the creative direction of Alexander Wang.



Nicolas Ghesquiére Louis Vuitton is a win!

These are some of our favorite ones.



BTW, did you see his IG post on Fernanda Hin Lin Ly on Tuesday?  What do you think about see her signature candy cotton color hair?


Nicolas_Ghesquiére_Louis Vuitton_is_a_win_2



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