Shopping Menswear online

shopping menswear online. YES! If you love shopping menswear online, you are amongst one of the many!

WWD’s Arnold J. Karr says,

“Online Men’s Wear Sales Seen Continuing Surge

E-commerce is looking more and more like the tool men needed to improve upon their fashion game.

The ability to both keep up with fashion online and buy it without having to scour through stores and malls — or even wander far from home or work to return it — has helped propel men’s wear to one of the fastest-growing categories in online shopping. For fashionistas and couch potatoes alike, it’s addressed male consumers’ needs and wants. … ”

Technology does make everything a lot easier, from dating apps like Tinder to video streaming app Meerkat that has taken SXSW by storm. It only makes sense that we are moving to a new platform to shop.

What is your experience with online shopping? What do you enjoy the most about it? & what don’t you like about it?

Share of Online Men's Wear Sales, 2014

Shopping Mensear online


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